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Fascinated by Canadian Rocky 2014

Written by Seogi Kang and Hyeonho Kang

25-28 July, 2014

It has been two years since I met my brother, Hyeonho Kang. In these days, he is visiting me and doing Canada tour with me. We have tried quite a few touristic spots in Vancouver and after that we are doing Canadain Rocky tour. We actually hesitated whether we choose Korean or local tour programs. For some reasons, in the end we chose Korean one (OK tour), and it was good choice overall. We have learned quite a few interesting things about this region from our guide, Catherine. Although this planned travel is mostly for Korean, we have quite a few foreign crews from Brazil, Taiwan and Japan.

See a small movie that my brother made.

In [1]:
from IPython.display import YouTubeVideo

This meticulous planned tour was actually pretty good for us who are really novice for Canadian Rocky. I was overwhelmed by grand nature there and that reminds me how small we are. Sometimes it is really easy to be insolent since we forget that truth. As a student studying geophysics, which is closely related to earth and ocean sciences. In addition, I was really happy to see a living text book in Canadian Rocky. That reminds me how awesome what I am studying now.

Personally, I think that I was exhausted from work of the past several years. When I was in Korea, I think that it is quite natural that we work really hard. However, here in Vancouver, Canada I identify the importance of the balance between work and relaxing stuff. This travel with my brother, actually reminds me that.

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